Gone Hepsville


Gone Hepsville – Lotsa Rhythm

Rhythm Bomb records RBR5770
Lotsa Rhythm – Hip As I Can Be – Lazy Town – She Won’t Shut Up – The Jump – Born 15 Minutes Late – I’m Gone Hepsville – I Ain’t Crazy – Fake Out – 3am Romance – Sweet Defeat – Surrendered – Rockin’ Bug – When Mister Woogie Beats The Boogie – Hepsville Stroll – Trix On Trixon – True Fine Mama That Loves Me – I’m In Flames

Gone Hepsville is a six piece band – that also goes under the name of the Fireballs – and they comes from the Czech Republic. They play good old Rock’n’roll with a very traditionnal sound (it’s been recorded at Lightning Recorders in Berlin by Axel Praefcke) in the style of Bill Haley, the Treniers, Freddie Bell or closer to us the Big Six.
All songs are band’s originals and they’re pretty well done. The double horn attack of Petr Janovský (tenor sax), and Pavel Zlámal (baritone sax) take no prisonners and are the real engine of the band. Behind them the rhythm section, with piano, is super tight (powerful slap bass and swingin drums). Both Petr Pospíšil (upright bass, ) and Pavel Štursa (guitar) sing lead which brings a lot of variety to the setlist as do the instrumental tracks.
This is the kind of music that talks directly to your feet and is sure to make you jump, bop and rock.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis

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