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Twisted Rod

Twisted Rod – Bring It On

twisted rodRhythm Bomb Records 5789 [2014]
Twisted Rod – I Love You My Way – Down The Line – I Dig Rock – Eight Days A Week I’m Rockin’ – Stutterin’ Cindy – Tommy Gun – Cats In The Night – You’ve Done Me Wrong – Please Give Me Something – I Won’t Change – Wild Wild Lover – Tijuana 45 – Ridin Down The Highway – When I Watch You

A solid album from this Czech band, loaded with energetic, wild and frantic Rockabilly and Rock’n’roll. If you dig stuff like Gene maltais, Benny Joy and recent bands like the Racketteers and the Raging Teens, go for it, you won’t be disapointed.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis

A.J. and the Rockin’ Trio

aj_rockin_trio_howlin_at_the_moonA.J. and the Rockin’ Trio – Howlin’ at the Moon

Rhythm Bomb RBR5827 {2016}
Waiting For You – Hot Rockin’ Mama – She Do The Bop – Lonesome Sinner Blues – Let’s Howl At The Moon – Hey Senorita – Miss Bobby Sox – You Lose – Gunfight At OK Corral – Baby Baby – Feel The Motor Runnin’ – Even The Blues Don’t Wanna Get Along With Me
A.J. and the Rockin’ Trio come from Portugal. This is the band’s debut album. they play Rockabilly both traditional and wild with a particular care brought to the changes of atmospheres using different microphones on the voices and lots of little things like that that keep hinges interesting. Lonesome Sinner Blues and Gunfight at OK Corral feature a trumpet and a trombone for a mariachi/ classic western movie feel and Even the Blues don’t wanna Get Along With Me has a jazz feel and features a lap steel. In the end it makes a very entertaining and varied album. Recommended.
Fred “Virgil” Turgis

A.J. and the Rockin’ Trio – Rockin’ the Blues

Rhythm Bomb Records – RBR-5869
Moonshine Blues – Can’t Take It Anymore – Done Me Wrong – Girls Wine Kiss & Love – Rockin’ My Blues – Crazy ‘Bout That Baby – Call Me (I’ll Be Here) – All Day and Night – You Should Have Known – Rockabilly Fever – Have a Ball – You Can’t Run Away – From Your Blues

Rockin’ the Blues is the band’s second lp. It contains twelve songs and one cover, Leon Rhodes’ Have A Ball.
If not exceptional and sometimes limited at places, A.J. has a good voice, and the musicians of the Rockin’ Trio are more than competent. The thing is that the final result, though rather pleasant, lacks originality and personality. Most of the songs are average Rockabilly, ranging from the Burnette influenced Moonshine Blues to the more traditional Done Me Wrong, which features a piano and Pedro Sera on harmony vocals.
There are some attempts at mean Rock’n’Roll like Can’t Take It Anymore and its hypnotic riff as well as Hillbilly Swing, which, despite the efforts of the band and their guest trombonist, has a hard time to really swing.
Coral Lee appears on Call Me, a tune that evokes Sea Of Heartbreak.
Unfortunately, she only sings harmonies. It’s a missed opportunity for her beautiful voice would have been perfect for a duet.
The best and most exciting song of the album is by far the country-noir You Should Have Known.
Lyrics are included, and not surprisingly, most of the songs talk about women, booze, and often both.

Ray Black & The Flying Carpets

Ray Black & the Flying Carpets – Better Way To Move

Rhythm Bomb – RBR-5883 [2018]
Favorite Doll – Rolling Stone – Secret Lover – Big Boy Rock – Better Way To Move – It Ain’t Right – Shakey Heart – Something Blue – Little E – She’s Gone I’m Fine – Rollerskating Girl – Guy Fawkes Blues
Ray Black & the Flying Carpets is a German quartet. The bandmembers are Ray Black (Singer, Upright Bass), Martin Bone (Lead Guitar), Howlin’ Herbst (Rhythm Guitar, Baritone), and Boz Doz (Drums.)
This album covers a wide range of musical genres. If they don’t convince me with their brand of wild electric Rockabilly, I find them more interesting when they explore other styles. They’ve got a couple of blues bopper and blues-oriented numbers with harmonica and piano that are quite good as well as their more traditional stuff like It Ain’t Right.
I also enjoyed Little E, an early ’60s rocker ala Bertha Lou.
The main problem is that you jump from one style to another, but in the end, the whole album lacks coherence. It’s hard to find the real identity and personality of the band within all those styles. They really should stick to one genre and develop their own style.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis

Phil Trigwell

Phil Trigwell – Boogie Woogie Cowboy

Phil Trigwell

Rhythm Bomb Records – RBR 5643 [2005]

Phil Trigwell is an Englishman who lives since 1971 in Sweden. His career really began in 1993 with his group the Deputies and his albums for the german Tessy Records. Then he will often change his musicians and labels signing with Tail Records, Enviken Records, and Armadillo Records. Here is returning to Tessy Records for a new album (not that new cause the tracks were recorded in 2003 but never released before) distributed by Rhythm Bomb Records. Phil shares all the instruments with A.J.Hakwinson. “Boogie Woogie Cowboy” contains 18 titles. It’s a blend of western swing, hillbilly and rockabilly played in a very easy-going style, with a lot of pickin’, and the kind of relaxed way that only the self-assured musicians can afford! This album is well-balanced between Phil’s excellent self-penned songs (seven of them) and covers (sometimes very different than the originals) as for example “Freight Train Boogie” (Scott, Nobar), “Since You Went Away to School” (N Petty), “Sugar Moon” (B Wills), “No good Lover” (Baker, Vanderpool), “Hillbilly Express” (Garland, Collie) “Travelling Light” (sung by Cliff Richard) and “Hooray For That Little Difference” (Autrey Inman)
It’s evident that Phil is one of the most talented European musicians and composers playing in a very unique and sensitive way. But he’s also (and it’s a shame) one of the most unrecognized! Buy that great album and discover his unique touch!

Dave “Long Tall” Phisel

Mad Men (the)

Mad Men (the) – Rhythm And Sin

RBR 5647 Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5647 Rhythm and Bomb Records

Dig This Action – Early Next Morning – Bop Disease – Breaking Hearts And Promises – Little Franny – ‘long About Midnight – Mary – Rhythm And Sin – Only You – Saturday Night Rich – Snap Your Little Finger – Baby Baby – Big Mama – Intoxicated – It’s Time To Howl

Holy mackerel! What a blast! I thought my CD player was goin’ to melt while listening to this second album of the Croatian Mad Men! Never a band better deserves his name. These 15 tracks are hotter than hell. From the first track “Dig This Action” to the last one which is not listed, a raw cover of the Italian rocker Adriano Celentano’s “24 mila baci” from 1961 sung in Croatian by Altic Emir and done today by Branko Radovancevic. This crazy dynamite album was recorded, produced and mastered for Rhythm Bomb Records by the german wizard Axel Praefcke. And it sounds just like comin’ from an obscure 50’s wild rockin’ combo. Listening to these guys, I caught a “Bop Disease” that you’ll probably catch you too; I’m quite sure. Would you resist to the catchy drive of “Little Franny”, the powerful “long about midnight” (what a perfect one to listen to while cruisin’ with your hot rod!), the strollin’ “Mary”, the frantic “Rhythm and Sin” (my idea of a perfect live!), the boppin’ “Saturday Night Rich”, a Presley influenced “Snap Your little finger” (that will remind you “Baby I don’t Care”), the cover of Mike Waggoner & Bops’ “Baby Baby”, the jivin’ “Big Mama”. Okay, now you’re “Intoxicated.” And ‘It’s Time To Howl” cause you’re having such a ball that you cannot help from screamin’, yellin’ and barkin’ like a rabid wolf. I easily can understand you for my neighbors called the police, and they’re now taking me away in a camisole… So long, fellows… Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

David “Long Tall” Phisel


SaraLee – Heart of Stone


Rhythm Bomb RBR-5877 [2018]
1-2-3 He’s Mine – I’m a Lover – Trouble Knows I’m Coming
In – Wasting Time – Runaway Bride – Heart of Stone – Black Widow – Hey Bartender! – Let Me Love You – I Can’t Tell You I Love You – Third Man Down – Black Roses
Heart Of Stone is SaraLee’s second album. This is a Rock’n’roll album with a modern sound aiming at a larger audience than the usual Rockabilly crowd. In that, SaraLee is not dissimilar to Imelda May. Heart Of stone covers a wide range of genres and styles like Rhythm’n’Blues, Diddley beat, Rock’n’roll, Rockabilly Boogie and even a country ballad featuring the one and only Lester Peabody of the Barnshakers on steel guitar.
The modern production and some arrangements could stop those who prefer their music played in a more traditional way. That said, the curious listener who’s not against a slight commercial edge to its Rock’n’roll will find plenty to enjoy here. The musicianship is very good and SaraLee’s vocal, despite some mannerisms, is quite powerful and enjoyable.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis

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