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Bellfuries (the)

The Bellfuries - Just Plain Lonesome
The Bellfuries – Just Plain Lonesome

The Bellfuries – Just Plain Lonesome

Moe & Sal Records – MS002 {2011}
Sad and Lonely ~ Wasted On Him ~ Teenage Boogie ~ Take It To The Chapel ~ Just Plain Lonesome ~ Gonna Make It Alone ~ Your Love (All That I’m Missin’) ~ I Don’t Wanna Wake Up Tomorrow ~ Up To Your Old Tricks Again ~ Hey Mr Locomotive ~ You Must Be A Loser ~ Stealing Kisses ~ Love Found Me ~ Baltimore ~ Take It To The Chapel ~ Letter To My Maybe Baby ~ Wasted On Him ~ Mr Moonlight ~ Ain’t A Bump In The Road ~ Death Of An Idol ~ This Love Ain’t So Bad ~ The Only Ghost There Is Me.

Since its first release in 2001 (ten years ago, how time flies!), Just Plain Lonesome has achieved a deserved cult status. In case you don’t know the Bellfuries (it’s a possibility but it’s hard to believe), they were on this platter Joey Simeone on guitar and vocals, Josh Williams on double bass and Bobby Horton on guitar and steel, without forgetting the unofficial fourth member: Billy Horton’s perfect production.
Their music is a highly melodic brand of hillbilly bop, as if Gene O’Quinn had collaborated with Buddy Holly, the Everly Brothers, Hank Williams and Morrissey. This long awaited reissue contains the original album plus nine bonus tracks (alternate takes, demos, live recordings). It comes in a superb gatefold digipack and contains the lyrics (a good thing when you know that Joey Simeone is one of today’s best lyricists) and song by song comments about the bonus tracks written by Simeone.
I guess that “must have” and “classic” are the appropriate words to describe this release.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis

Rhythm River Trio (the)

the Rhythm River Trio - Honky Tonkin Around
the Rhythm River Trio – Honky Tonkin Around

The Rhythm River Trio – Just Honky Tonkin’ Around

Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5774 {2014}
Honky Tonkin’ Around – Teardrops From Your Eyes – Honky Tonk Blues – Monday Mornin’ – Wild Side Of Life – Love Come Back To Me – Bear Cat – Rhythm On The River – Rockin’ and Flyin’ – So Did I – Gone and Left Me Blues – I’ll Go My Way.

The other good surprise to come from Great-Britain in the recent months are the Rhythm River Trio. Actually, this drummerless trio formed by David Short (vocals, rhtythm guitar), Morgan Willis (lead guitar) and Bruno Pannone (double bass) is not that recent, they got together in 2009, but I just discovered them with this album called Just Honky Tonkin’ Around, their second lp.
It was recorded at Sugar Rays, a brand new recording studio that seems to come straight from the fifties and ran, among others, by Pat Rayford. The result is an album with a superb warm and mono sound.
But a vintage studio wont turn lead into gold! For that it is better to have great musicians… and the Rhthm River Trio certainly are. They are a tight little ensemble with a superb singer who sings with heart and class. And both he and Willis can write solid originals that stand well next to Hank Williams and Eddie & Hank Cochran. Nothing less.
So what about the music they play? It’s a highly enjoyable mix between the honky tonk of Hank Williams and the early rockabilly sides of Charlie Feathers with some Sun influences and a bit of blues (they cover Ruth Brown’s Teardrop From My Eyes and Rufus Thomas’ Bear Cat). They have a guest steel guitar (Jeff Mead who played with Sonny George) on a couple of tracks, Pedro Duarte plays harp on Bear Cat and Pat Rayford sang backing vocals on Jimmy patton’s Love Come Back to Me.
Available here.
Fred “Virgil” Turgis

The Razorbacks (Canada)


RazorbacksThe Razorbacks – S/t

Tradition ‎– TJD 101
Calling My Name – Born too Late – I’m In the Doghouse – So Much Fun



the Razorbacks - Go to Town
the Razorbacks – Go to Town

The Razorbacks – Go to Town

WEA {1988}
It’s Saturday Night – Knock Knock Bim Bam – Talk To You – Long Rolling Nites – Lower Beverly – Can’t Keep My Baby In Shoes – So Much Fun – All I Need – Calling My Name – Scariest Night Of My Life -Razorback Boogie – Just This Short Of Crying – Stood Up – Strings Breaking Thing – Beverly Dub Mix

Not to be confused with the New jersey Rockabilly band of the same name, the Razorbacks formed in the second half of the 80’s and came from Canada.

Their debut album “Go to town” was originally released through Warner records in 1988. This is an excellent platter that benefits of the the solid production (yet very 80’s sounding at places) of guitar ace Chris Spedding (known for his work with Robert Gordon among many others) and a batch of solid originals penned by singer/guitarist Tony Kenny.
All acoustic (guitar, double bass, brushed snare), their brand of neo-rockabilly lean on the melodic side of things as if Stray Cats met Buddy Holly with a touch of skiffle that evokes at times the sound of the Shakin’ Pyramids.
Some occasional harmonies also show the influences of the Everly Brothers and there’s enough additional instruments (second guitar, accordion, piano, percussions) to bring variety the the whole album.
The cd reissue features four extra tracks including a honky tonk number with steel guitar and a cover of Ricky Nelson’s Stood Up.
A very good album that needs to be rediscovered.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis

The Razorbacks - Live a Little
The Razorbacks – Live a Little

The Razorbacks – Live a Little

WEA [1989]
Times Like These – Didn’t Your Mamma Tell You – Night and Day – Can’t Blame Me for Trying – Rocket – Be My Train – My Way or Highway – Where’d You Learn to Kiss Like That – I’m in the Doghouse -There Ain’t Room for Two -Maybe It Do -Who Slapped Joe – Not Fade Away – Trouble in Town -End of the Day -I’ll Get By -Am I High -Times Like These – Didn’t Your Mamma Tell You – My Generation




Slick Andrews

Slick Andrews - Let's Beer It Up
Slick Andrews – Let’s Beer It Up

Slick Andrews – Let’s Bear It Up With…

WH07003.Wild Hare Records {2007}
Beer It Up /Queen of the Honkytonk /Shot Down in Flames /Three Old Friends /Cut Out The Drama /Love’s Last Note /World’s Greatest Lover /Whisper You Love Me/Millionaire /Dance Floor Romance /The Dues This Fool Has Paid /She Drives Me Crazy
Howdy all y’all… gather around folks and listen to the good ol’ Long Tall telling you the story of a country boy comin’ from Texas. That son-of-a-gun hard corn liquor drinker, smoker and look alike Hank Penny Slick Andrews was layin’out one night with a bunch of purdy nussin’ honky-tonk angels, sittin’ snug as a bug and relaxing in his regular juke-joint listening to some tear jerking honky-tonkin’ song on the juke-box while drinking his favourite long-neck boozin’n’fresh beer. Then in this place hotter than a June bride, the walking on a slant cow-boy suddenly stood up like he was hittin’ by lightning (a white one of course) and yell “You’re Darn Tootin’, that stuff’s so good it makes you wanna jump up and slap yo’ mama!” I wanna be a singer and play some honky-tonk and hot hillbilly jumpy as a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin’ chairs. I wanna sing some songs about beer, honky-tonk angels, dancin’ and love ». The rag-babies as surprised as if a sheep had bit ‘em stare at Slick like he‘s mad as a mule chewing on bumblebees while he was running out of the joint like the house is afire and jumpin’ in his car to drive pedal to metal until he hit the Wild Hare Records building…

Well, I’m not quiet sure this is the way it really happened but it easily could had been, so much that dude sounds and looks like he’s comin’ right from the late forties-early fifties in a Time Machine. Slick is bringing with him some great self penned hillbilly, western-swing, honky-tonk and rockabilly songs and a first class rockin’ band called “the Wild Hare Millionaires”(Buck Stevens, John Bozarth, Eddie Macintosh, Dave Moore, Mark Pettijohn).As me you will surely love all of these “a little bit of everything” 12 songs in a “Let’s Beer it Up” album full of rolling piano (the eponymous song), twangy (“Shot Down in Flames”) and rockabilly guitar (“Cut Out The Drama” and the very soundalike Johnny Horton “Dance Floor Romance”) steel-guitar in a tearjerkin’ honky-tonk style (“Three Old Friends”, “Love’s Last Note” and especially “Whisper You Love” which reminds me of Hank Williams), slappin’ bass (the “Millionaire” instrumental) wild screams and rockin’ drums (“She Drives Me Crazy”) and, indeed, western swingin’ sound (“World’s Greater Lover”). I’m sur the old Hank would have agree with me to say “I got a hot rod Ford and a two dollar bill and I know a spot right over the hill there’s Slick ‘s band and the beer is free so if you wanna have fun come along with me….

Long Tall David

Adam and his Nuclear Rockets

Adam and His Nuclear Rockets
Adam and His Nuclear Rockets

Adam and his Nuclear Rockets – Little Piece of Souvenir

El Toro Records ETCD 6041 {2009}
Call Shout Scream – Can’t Run Away From You – Blue For A Day – I Gotta Have You – All You Left Behind – Crazy legs – Your First Kiss – No Other Baby – Say No More – Park Outside – Little Piece Of Souvenir – Fear – El Toro Star – I’m Gonna Take My Baby Dancing – I’m Crazy (Alt)

Adam and His Nuclear Rockets (what a name!) are a hot traditionnal rockabilly band coming from Croatia. It’s very good to see that bands from all around the world carry on the torch of good old music. Each adding his bit to the history. Back to the band. Recorded live at the famous Lightning Records in Berlin, these 13 originals and 2 covers have everything to please any true rockabilly fans: wild songs but a sense for catchy melodies, great guitar licks and their lyrics ain’t bad (they are included in the booklet). Three songs feature a steel guitar adding a nice hillbilly boogie feel. I personally think you can judge the talent of a band in their way to write ballads. With “Little Piece of Souvenir”, on which they are helped by the harmony vocals of the Mellow Men, they easily pass the test. Another song (El Toro Star a tip of the hat to their label) has a slight Charlie Feathers feel (with hiccups) but they have their own sound and way of playing. Follow these guys closely. Also available as a beautiful gatefold lp.

Available at cdbaby.
Fred “Virgil” Turgis

Accelerators (the)

the Accelerators - Let's Turn It Up
the Accelerators – Let’s Turn It Up

The Accelerators – Let’s Turn It Up

SDSMCD2010 {2010}
Gonna Be With You – Sugaree – Donna The Prima Donna – Blue Days Black Nights – Let It Roll – Had To Let You Know – She Moves Me – Pretty Baby – Real Wild Child – Early In The Morning – Sleepwalk – Little Suzie

This is already the fourth album from this Scottish quartet. “Let’s Turn It Up” kicks off with the Buddy Holly tinged “Gonna Be With You”, penned like every originals of this album by lead singer Steve Smith. Next is a set of solid cover played tastefully with “Sugaree” on which they’re joined by Billy Young on saxophone, Dion’s “Donna The Prima Donna” (nice doo wop backing vocals on this one) and Holly’s “Blue Days Black Nights”. Billy Young returns on Smith’s “Let It Roll” and adds his juicy sax to this Rhythm’n’Blues number. Excellent, but with 1’57”, a bit frustrating. “Had To Let You Know” is an italo doo-wop number perfectly sung by Smith.
“She Moves Me” is another original under the influence of Holly with its strong melodic lines, and also makes me think of the Memphis Rockabilly Band. “Pretty Baby” is a straight ahead rocker quickly followed by “Real Wild Child”. Bobby Darin (and Buddy Holly too) “Early In the Morning” is given a hillbilly treatment with Jim Hyndman guesting on fiddle. As a huge Brian Setzer fan, I firmly believed I couldn’t hear “Sleepwalk” anymore, but Dave Burnette brings something really neat into this tune and has a good idea to keep it short and not using it as just a demonstration of his skills. After that let’s all rock with “Little Suzie” to end this platter on a high note. As you can see a very good and varied album. Nice one lads.
Fred “Virgil” Turgis