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The Tall Boys

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The Tall Boys - Live at the Klub Foot
The Tall Boys – Live at the Klub Foot

The Tall Boys – Live at the Klub Foot

Trophy Records TR001
Introduction – Dragster – Last House On The Left – Brand New Gun – Funtime – Take A Walk – Final Kick – Ride This Torpedo – Action Woman – Through A Glass – Rock ‘n’ Roll Party

Recently Alan Wilson (of Western Star and the Sharks fame) found a box full of tapes recorded at the Klub Foot, the mecca of Psychobilly and Neo-rockabilly in the mid-80’s. These tapes needed to be restored and cleaned, a very costly process and two of these shows (Batmobile and Sting Rays) were released on Anagram/Cherry Red Records. Sadly the sales weren’t enough for the label and they called it quit. Knowing he had history in his hands, Wilson created a sub-label to his own Western Star to keep on releasing this stuff.The first release of the serie is the Tall Boys. For the younger ones they were formed by Nigel Lewis and Mark Robertson both from the original line-up of the Meteors and also the Escalators.
In less than 30 minutes, loaded with energy, they rip through a set of originals and covers mixing garage, punk, rockabilly with a bit of new wave, all rolled into one. I’ve always been a fan of their studio recordings (try the Big Beat/Ace album if you don’t know it) but they take their full dimension on stage.

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