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Tammi Savoy & The Chris Casello Combo – That Rock ‘n’ Roll Rhythm!

tammi savoy

El Toro Records – BE 146 [2021]
Fine and Dandy – If It’s News To You – I Want a Man (It’s Gotta Be That Way) – Ain’t Givin’ Up Nothin – In My Blue World – When Your Lover Don’t Love You / G’wan’ Bout Your Business – I Want Your Good Lovin’ – Hot Lava – Big Baby – As Long As I’m Movin’ – Uh Huh (Goodbye)

This is the vinyl reissue of the album previously released on Swelltune records last year.
If you dig Rythm’n’Blues with a rockin’ edge and if singers like Ruth Brown and Lavern Baker float your boat, no doubt that you’ll jump on this delicious slab of wax.
Tammi Savoy has the ideal voice for that genre. Her range and flexibility allow her to be both powerful and tender. She can croon in your ear one minute and tear the roof down the other.
Chris Casello on guitar is the perfect complement and always find the appropriate tone to back the singer. The band consists of Russ Deluca on drums, percussion and piano, Jesse Woelfel on acoustic bass (except for G’wan’ Bout Your Business which features Teddy Fury on drums, Kirsten Ballweg on bass and Sean Mencher on acoustic guitar).
The repertoire explores all the aspects of the blues idiom, whether it’s jumpin’, rockin’, bouncin’, or swingin’. Casello tickles the steel guitar on a couple of songs, which gives an exotic touch (In My Blue World) or even a western-swing feel (Fine and Dandy.)
Eight out of the twelve songs are originals. The remaining four comes from Little Esther, Priscilla Bowman, Teddy McRae and Ruth Brown.
One could argue that some of the originals are not that original. Still, to be fair, the quality of the singing (did I already tell you that Tammi Savoy had a pretty good voice?), Casello’s scorching guitar, the band and the period-perfect production are more than enough to make this album something highly enjoyable.

Available here.

Tammi Savoy & the Chris Casello Combo – Big Baby

Tammi Savoy and the Chris Casello Combo

Swelltune 45-005 [2018]

Big Baby – Ain’t Givin’ Up Nothin’

If you dig Rythm’n’Blues with a rockin’ edge, if singers like Ruth Brown and Lavern Baker float your boat, no doubt that you’ll jump on this new Swelltune release.

Tammi Savoy has the ideal voice for that genre and with the Chris Casello combo (Chris Casello on guitars, Jesse Woelfel on bass fiddle and Russ DeLuca on drums, maracas & piano) she found the perfect band to back her.
A side is a self penned number. If the song is not that original in its structure, the quality of the singing, the rhythm section and Casello’s scorching guitar solo are more than enough to make it highly enjoyable.
Fred “Virgil” Turgis

Tammi Savoy on the web and on facebook.

Tammi Savoy & Chris Casello Combo on facebook.

Chris Casello’s website can be found here.

Swelltune records’ website.

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